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Research centres and institutes

We support collaborative, multidisciplinary research

Our research centres are focused on tackling problems from all angles, addressing major social challenges and specialist interest areas.


Sydney is home to 10 multidisciplinary initiatives which bring together researchers across diverse disciplines to create thought leadership, delivering research excellence and education opportunities in established and developing areas of strength, across all our faculties.


The Brain and Mind Centre brings mental health and dementia patients, support groups and frontline carers together with scientists and clinicians to research mental health and neurological diseases.


The China Studies Centre builds a greater understanding of China, and its impact on Australia and the world.


The Marie Bashir Institute researches biosecurity and infectious diseases.


The Sydney Environment Institute draws upon research from a wide range of social science and humanities disciplines to explore how we identify, live, and adapt to climate change.


The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre forges an innovative and engaged approach to the Southeast Asia region that reflects its rich diversity and challenging problems.


The Cancer Research Network links cancer experts to amplify research outcomes.


The Charles Perkins Centre tackles some of the greatest health challenges humanity has ever faced: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and related conditions


The Centre for Translational Data Science drives new and transformational advances in research through the application of data and machine learning technologies.


The University of Sydney Nano Institute is taking the field of nanoscience to new levels with combined expertise from across the University's disciplines and access to purpose-built facilities.


The Sydney Policy Lab creates unique collaborations for lasting policy change. We bring people together to identify solutions to the major challenges of our age – to strengthen our democracy, reduce spiralling inequality and help empower communities to shape their own future.




ARC Centres of Excellence 通化弘元升设备有限公司

Australian Research Council (ARC) centres of excellence facilitate collaboration between universities, government, research organisations and businesses to create expertise in their field. ARC Centres of Excellence are funded on the basis of research excellence and their potential to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of Australia.

The University of Sydney plays a fundamental role in nine national ARC Centres of Excellence:

Find out more about ARC Centres of Excellence.

ARC Industrial Transformation Research Programs 赣州福泰合贸易有限公司

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Program facilitates collaboration between universities, government, research organisations and businesses to support collaborative research activity to focused on strategic outcomes that are not independently realisable. This program has two streams, Research Hubs and Training Centres, which support Higher Degree by Research students and postdoctoral researchers to gain real-world practical skills and experience through placement in industry.

The University of Sydney is home to two ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs:

The University of Sydney is home to four ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres:

NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence 河南省春新伟服务有限公司

These collaborative centres are funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to support teams of researchers pursuing innovative, high-quality research in health across five priority areas:

  • Clinical research
  • Health services research
  • Population health research
  • Infectious disease emergency response research
  • Indigenous researcher capacity building

The University of Sydney has been awarded funding for the following Centres:

2018 round

2017 round

2016 round

2015 round

  • Centre of Research Excellence in the Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood
    Chief investigator: Professor Louise Baur. Funding awarded: $2.48 million
  • Centre of Research Excellence in Protecting the public from emerging infectious diseases
    Chief investigator: Professor Tania Sorrell. Funding awarded: $2.5 million
  • Centre of Research Excellence in creating sustainable healthcare: ensuring new diagnostics avoid harms, improve outcomes, and direct resources wisely
    Chief investigator: Professor Alexandra Barratt. Funding awarded: $2.49 million

2014 round

  • Centre of Research Excellence in Diabetic Retinopathy – Closing the Loop for Diabetic Eye Care and Complication Risk Mitigation
    Chief investigator: Professor Anthony Keech. Funding awarded:  $2.47 million.

Cooperative Research Centres 瓦房店捷益长有限公司

The University's engagement with industry and community is supported by our involvement in Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) as either a core or supporting participant.

The program is led by industry to create partnerships between the University, business and the community. CRCs help to develop new technologies, products and services for specific community and industry challenges.


World Health Organization Collaborating Centres 河北省鑫凯美服务有限公司

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